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12? You have your whole life ahead of you. I’m just preparing my shopping list. This expression is a plain-vanilla greeting, which requires an equally plain-vanilla, though quick, response such as ‘good’ or ‘fine’. A drooping voice though would indicate otherwise. I’m just preparing my shopping list. Hey whats up? i have a bf that is pressuring me to have unprtected sex i am 12 years old what should i do, OMG, BREAK UP WITH HIM!!!!!!!!! Favourite answer. Is that bad? 1 decade ago. But before that, let’s first understand a person’s intent behind this question. People also say ‘I’m good’ instead of ‘Good’. Anonymous. You dont need a guy in your life thats going to pressure you into doing something you dont want to do expecially if your twelve think about it do you really want to wake up in the middle of the night cause you have a baby crying with no daddy around to help up BREAK UP WITH HIM!!! You won’t always hear ‘how are you’ though. You have your whole life to have sex. Only in few cases, they’ll speak the truth (covered in point # 4). Lv 6. Note that ‘nothing much’ is a generic expression – it’ll go with regular or non-regular things – and therefore will fit in here as well. And if a guy is wanting to have sex with you, the guy is out of his mind. 28 Answers. Do adult entertainers have sex with anybody? Relevance. More work than I can handle and a bad boss to deal with. Any suggestions on how to find out my girlfriend's ring size without her realizing I plan to propose? um...say NO! Anonymous. All rights reserved. ? Tell him to stick it somewhere else! What's up? i might be working at mc d. starting on tuseday. Copyright 2019 © Lemon Grad. ‘Great’ or ‘good’ is not the appropriate answer to ‘what’s going on’ (they’re appropriate for ‘how…’) A better answer is: Holy crap, tell your b/f to kiss your **ss. DO NOT EVER DO IT LIKE THAT!!!! DONT DO IT!!!! You've certainly heard these questions, but you might be confused about how to answer. However, keep in mind that the tone and facial expression while responding say a lot about how things are at your end. ‘How are you’ and its variants such as ‘how are you doing’ (variants too are covered in the post) are so commonplace. You're no where near ready for sex... the vast majority of girls ur age don't even have the proper body for it. You can sign in to vote the answer… ‘Great’ and ‘Good’, both, are positive responses and show that you’re in good spirits. When people say ‘what’s up’, they mean what’s going on. How do I respond to him, I have a little crush on him. OMG, BREAK UP WITH HIM!!!! After saying this expression, Y then mentions something mundane – preparing shopping list. You know... this is the reason why so many women died young two/three hundred years ago- they married at this age and were expected to produce babies... obviously they died. Please, please tell him to leave you alone. Think about the consequences. Molly. I want him to propose to me. i have a bf that is pressuring me to have unprtected sex i am 12 years old what should i do. You hear them multiple times daily. Do not do it.....you are too young for that kind of emotional thing....trust me you are not ready for it.....and do not for anything have unprotected sex....there are too many diseases and what would happen if you were to get pregnant? Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. The good. 1 decade ago. o and u should never settle for someone who pressures you int doing something. The other person doesn’t want any of that. YOU'LL WISH YOU NEVER DID!! My god! When people say ‘what’s up’, they mean what’s going on. If you respond energetically, ‘fine’ would mean things are, well, fine. What do you think of the answers? ‘How are you’ is a way to greet. Take it from me. Relevance. + dont give into peerpresure. Favorite Answer. hey whats up? I know it sounds annoying... and I don't think you are immature but at twelve you have a lot more growing up to do physically. ppl tht r 30 odd dnt do it unpretected unless theyre trying for kids, so thts a big warning sign for a no no isnt it? What's happening? When you say ‘I’m fine’ or ‘Fine’, you don’t sound positive. Let alone unprotected. So next time someone shoots ‘how are you’ at you, don’t launch into your tale of woes or the big prize you won last week. Good god, your just a baby. But this guy messaged me this and we had only meant once for like 5 min. Answer Save. ‘Nothing much’ means there isn’t anything exciting going on at the moment. Let's be honest, "not much" is the way you answer the question 99% of the time. !1 TRUST ME, MY MOM HAD ME LIKE THAT AND NOW SHE TREATS ME LIKE CRAP.

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