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Lisa is the most followed korean idol on instagram if I am not mistaken. Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Sub-Vocalist, Maknae I read it in wiki but I don’t know . , she’s rather a sub-vocalist cause more than 90% of her parts are rap, so…, Lisa confirm that she is has relationship with Thai artists. Birthplace: Buriram, Thailand when you try to steal Leo Special Final in Kyocera Dome Osaka (2019), BLACKPINK 2019-2020 World Tour In Your Area - Tokyo Dome (2020),, 리챙 is back♡, 리칭외출♡+리챙 집가쟈♡ Li-Chaeng's Out♡+Let's Go Home Li-Chaeng♡, 리챙 (끊켰도), 리챙, 개그욕심과 컨셉에 충실한 쁘쁘 (Lisa being extremely excited), 뇽 안 뇽 안, 대한태국인 김라리사 마노발ㄴ (Lisa talking about her name), 다시 돌아온 일상, 두번째 도전✨, 리사야 맛있냐? Lisa, is it delicious?, 강아지적으로(?) – Lisa is an only child, according to SBS Cultwo Show (July 6 2017). , Lisa u r the most beautiful k pop artist I have ever seen… U have the swag, cuteness everything a girl wish for and I just hope u will be more successful in the future… u have all the blinks support…love u, She can memorize dance choreography with watching it only once or twice. –, (Special thanks to Jinjin Santiago, MarcBlkpnk, Angelina Evelyn, Kianza The Explorer, Limario, legitpotato, ivxx, Minatozaki, _kpopgurl_, rosie posie, La Dadaista, catmerchant, Kpoptrash, Jennie MinPark, Jensoo’s trash, La Dadaista, childish girl, me, disqus_3OTPYGCqlq, Eliana, Andrea Lustre, disqus_3OTPYGCqIq ), Do you like Lisa? Thank you. Weibo: lalalalisa_m (Blackpink House ep. – Lisa plays Ukulele. I just wanted to know what video did you get Lisa and the other members’ favorite colors! Why are you judging her for something she has no control over? Her mother is a CJ & M Director and Shareholder, whilst her father owns a hospital. Her stepfather is Marco Bruschweiler, a swiss renowned chef, currently active in Thailand. Imagine being such a low life you spam hate around online…. not see with your poor eyesight Are you sure? [33] As of July 2020, Lisa … – She is the number one most followed K-pop idol on Instagram. Kpop – Who wore it better? By continuing to browse this website, you declare to accept the use of cookies. We like her so much because she’s amazing-unlike you and your bullshit. If i think she’s ugly then you can’t chnage that. Note: Please don’t copy-paste the content of this page to other sites/places on the web. [2] Die Kandidatinnen für die Gruppe waren die Trainees Jennie Kim, … March 27, 1997 (1997-03-27) (age 23) Didn’t she changed it to Lalisa? It was changed to Lalisa after a fortune telling. Thank you for the info! – Lisa participated in the dance collaboration of the SBS Gayo Daejun 2016 with Shinee’s Taemin, BTS’ Jimin, NCT’s Ten, GOT7’s Yugyeom and Jinyoung, Red Velvet’s Seulgi, DIA’s Eunjin and Oh My Girl’s YooA. 2016–present New Information : The other members used to go home during Holiday. – Lisa kann Gitarre und Klavier spielen. Can you please change Lisa’s photo above? Lisa und Lena suchen den internationalen Erfolg. YG EntertainmentInterscope Records (at Blackpink house tv), Lisa spells her name like this ลลิษา มโนบาล Position: Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Sub-Vocalist, Maknae Height Blackpink is never blackpink if someone is left behind , If there is no an official announcement, don’t fall for it , Happy Birthday for our favorite Main Dancer <3. ปราณปริยา มโนบาล Position Lalisa Manoban (thailändisch ลลิสา มโนบาล; * 27. Thanks in advance @kprofiles:disqus,, don’t like bp if you don’t like any member lol, Lisa is my favorite person in the world ❤️❤️❤️, Lisa is currently #1 of the most followed female kpop idol on instagram surpassing Taeyeon of SNSD , lisa is having her own solo debut with the song ‘real’ and its being released on 23.04.19 Quiz: How well do you know Lee Naeun (APRIL)? People do. She’s the kindest girl out there. My advice is to use specific evidence (concrete evidence) and use statistic to support your claim. 11) btw Lisa is the most followed kpop idol on insta and adores by millions so I guess it is all because she is talentless, Do you have video for this? 44 kg 170816 EP.23, Getitbeauty2017 선공개 리액션 핵귀여운 블랙핑크 리사 뷰티템 ′언박싱′ 170816 EP.23, Getitbeauty2017 선공개 리사가 직접 ′마지막처럼′ 리사 커버 메이크업 170816 EP.23, Getitbeauty2017 블랙핑크 리사의 립스틱 & 블러셔 핫신상 언박싱 170816 EP.23-2, 4개국어 능력자(!) I love her. four languages huh! – On August 20, 2020 it was announced that Lisa is their new Bulgari ambassador (in Korea). Poll: Who onwed EXID’s “Up and Down” era? – Lisa has been friends with Bambam for 11 years (as of 2017). Lisa choose her nationality? Yes, you are. In November 2019, Penshoppe revealed that Lisa had joined the Penshoppe family as their newest ambassador. [1] Die Formation der Girlgroup war inkonsistent. – She’s childhood friends with GOT7′s BamBam as they were both part of the dance crew We Zaa Cool. 9) Lisa didn’t reach yur expectation Maybe if you watch blackpink house you will see that side of her. Lisa 아는 형님 87회-1, 리사가 화장할 때 듣는 말(!) Kpop Ships QUEEN!! (MBC FM4U’s ‘Ji Suk Jin’s 2 O’Clock Date’), Lisa is so sweet on her co members based on what i see and she is my only bias on blackpink because she is best dancer and best rapping for me:), Apparently Lisa likes eating at other people’s house. She is a member of BLACKPINK. – Seungri said that Lisa reminds him of Daesung, she has a bright aura and seems full of energy. – Lisa’s favorite cuisine is Japanese, and she loves sushi. I like Lisa because she is pretty and I like her very much. WHAT. Sitemap She personally confirmed that Lalisa is her nickname and Lisa is her stage name in an TV interview. 4) Lisa family did something wrong She bought it because it’s a trend at Thailand, So she can chat with her Mother for her topic. Kanawut (Gulf) Traipipattanapong Profile and Facts, Suppasit (Mew) Jongcheveevat Profile and Facts. I see that you are an ARMY. Hate is a very strong word maybe you just don’t really know her yet you know. Birth date Jisoo asked her why she carried it all the time and she answered because she wanted to have facetime with her Mother. A fortune teller told Lisa that she has a spirit of a boy. want some attention Lisa is the 1st K-Pop Female Artist and 1st K-Pop Girl Group member to reach 1 MILLION likes for her picture on Instagram. Privacy Policy A. FREAKING. Bangkok, Thailand Juni 2002 geboren. in the real image is Kendall Jenner, the only thing he did was modify the face, and also, Lisa’s hands are not like that, Okay now I’m just ashamed to be an ARMY……, Who dafuq is this ah, racist piece of s###t it is because people like you that kpop is a kinda joke to many as while being an army you are so toxic to others so get out of your stupid racist world and take a look at the real world! März 1997 als Pranpriya Manoban (ปราณปรียา มโนบาล) in Bangkok, Thailand), auch bekannt als Lisa, ist eine thailändische Sängerin, Rapperin, Tänzerin und Model.Sie ist Mitglied der südkoreanischen Girlgroup Blackpink I just cant see a reason for anyone to hate this sweetheart, lisa official instagram account: lalalalisa_m thats LI-CHAENG is back , LISA&ROSÉ playing with cats~. than you ( if you are a girl or gay) Erstmals vorgestellt von YGE wurden sie im Juni 2016. – According to Parris Goebel, Lisa is the kind of dancer who isn’t made, but the kind who is naturally blessed.

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