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Well, the Journey has a bad reputation and that is the issue the FCA has to deal with. The Journey hasn’t received any noticeable updates since 2011 as a result it fails to match its modern rivals such as the GMC Acadia, Kia Sorento, and the VW Tiguan in terms of safety features and equipment. Dodge claims that the 2021 Journey will pack a comfortable three-row setup but in reality, we expect a 5+2 configuration at best. Not only that, but the vehicle will head into a new generation. Furthermore, the New Dodge Journey will also make a change in the exterior design that makes it look more aggressive than the current version. If the SRT variant arrives, it will cost over $40,000. At least give us one Hellcat Journey before the poor old crossover kicks the bucket. The range-topping GT comes standard with the bigger engine but it's optional for the mid-spec Crossroad variant. Out on the highway, the four-cylinder runs out of steam fairly quickly. There are wide wheel arches on the side to break the monotony in the design and to give it more “SUV” feel and stance but it ends up looking like a station wagon on stilts. The Journey was launched in 2009 and since Dodge has been tinkering a bit with the looks of the SUV in a desperate attempt to keep it relevant in these ever-changing times, the landscape around them has progressed drastically. If the SRT Journey becomes a reality, it might just become the most fun to drive in the segment. Dodge will try to keep the interiors feeling fresh and keep them in line with the expectations of the customers and also to compete with the competition but in reality, the cabin has a very old school feel to it and not in a good way. It would, however, be the right thing to do. It will improve agility and fuel economy. Also, this car will be made based on the Alfa Romeo Stelvio. The two models represent more than 38% of the brand's sales volume so far in 2020. The upcoming Journey SUV might be slightly smaller than its predecessor. Since we are on the subject of fuel economy, the new SRT variant of the 2021 Journey will without a doubt manage to fair worse than the outgoing models with the inline-4 and the V6 engines. The V6 is no better either. Come on, Dodge. The Dodge Journey finds itself in a group that has over the years become the most crucial segment for auto manufacturers, i.e the mid-sized SUV segment and especially at a pocket-friendly price point. But the journey ends in 2021—Autoblog reports that Fiat-Chrysler is finally retiring the budget crossover next year. © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) Acton Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. Power, which is far lower than the average segment rating. All engines besides the base 2.4-liter inline-four were cut, and the sole transmission option became the base four-speed automatic. Which means by default, it's been getting a bit worse every year. But acceleration, braking, mid-corner performance—it existed to meet expectations in the most anodyne way, not exceed them. What was it like to drive? Apart from the lackluster quality of the interior the seats themselves are accommodating and offer plenty of head, leg, and shoulder room. Overtaking maneuvers have to be preplanned. Other rumors are mentioning the replacement. Who wants a four-speed automatic in 2020? The interior of the 2021 Journey will be carried over from the outgoing 2020 Journey without any major changes in terms of aesthetics. To address this the latest U-connect will not just bring in Apple Carplay and Android Auto to the 2021 Journey’s cabin but the infotainment will feature the new button-free layout and get modern amenities like app-based connectivity, vehicle diagnostics with the U-connect app and features like SiriusXM Guardian and more. Speculations suggest that the Journey’s SRT variant will be powered by the 5.7 V8 HEMI as seen in the Durango and some other vehicles from FCAs lineup and when its launched it will become the only SUV in its segment with a high-performance V8 under the hood. The gearbox doesn’t help either. Some of the more common problems with the Dodge Journey are with its brakes, the electrical system, and also parts of the interior. I would describe the Journey's driving dynamics by saying it doesn't have any. The 2021 Dodge Journey will take advantage of big changes in the FCA’s SUV lineup. This platform pins down the major mid-size cross-over SUV designs features under one and makes the adaptability of the car possible to a bigger extent. The fuel economy of the Dodge Journey is not the strongest suit of the SUV. 2021 Dodge Journey Price and Release Date. A few other minor changes happened over the last decade, such as the addition of Chrysler's 283-hp, 3.6-liter Pentastar V6, but the Journey remained mostly the same right up until this year—four-speed and all. The seats themselves are ingeniously designed and packs a host of nifty features like booster seats and LATCH mounts. The GMC Acadia is packing the most amount of passenger volume on paper with 143.8 Cu. Safety standards had always plagued the Journey over the past few years and with the same platform being continued for the 2021 model year, things will be no different, however, this time Dodge is planning to compensate what it lacks in sophistication by adding more active and passive safety tech such as more airbags, emergency braking, lane keep assist and much more. Technology, performance and design delivered to your inbox. As standard, the 2021 Journey will come fitted with a 2.4 gasoline engine which isn't as good as the competition but a bigger and more powerful V6 engine is also available, although not very efficient. Premature brake and rotor wears were some of the most common persistent problems with the older Journey models. The new 2021 Dodge Journey needs a fresh look desperately. The third row of seats is strictly recommended for children and that too for short journeys. Reliability is surely not one of them, as it was rated with an abysmal 2 out of 5 stars by the J.D. Powering the 2021 Dodge Journey will be the same set of motors, the first one being the entry-level 2.4L Inline-4 motor mated to the 4-speed automatic transmission which is good for 173 horsepower and the V6 that comes with the higher trim levels which is capable of churning out a much healthier 283 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque and this setup is mated to a much more sensible and economical 6-speed automatic. 2021 Dodge Journey Redesign, Changes, Spy Pictures, and Price. So, unfortunately, the Journey isn't getting a goodbye party or any special edition trims to commemorate its demise. Still, the Journey is a hardworking soul, a $23,675 answer to the question of the cheapest legal way to transport seven people. The figures drop even further to just 17 MPG in the city and this can be blamed on the age of the product since it’s been running virtually unchanged for a decade, with no major upgrades. Frankly, it's about time. To uplift the cabin’s feel, some leather treatment has been given to the dashboard and the door panels. It wouldn't be the smart thing to do, or the best thing to do. The Durango can also tow up to a maximum of 7,400 lbs which is much better than what the Journey can tow. The 2.4 Liter inline-4 from Dodge gets the worst EPA ratings in its class. That means that the cabin of the 2021 Journey will continue to feel extremely outdated even in 2021. Dodge has a history of making good engines with bad fuel economy and in typical Dodge fashion, the 2021 Journey is no different. Beginning production in 2008, the Dodge Journey has … The new styling, more options, and powerful engines are some things we would like to see on the new model. The system is not too shabby and can be found on other cars from the Dodge stable. With just 19 MPG in the city and 25 MPG on the motorway, the 2021 Dodge Journey isn't going to be frugal. Some of the speculated features of the infotainment for the 2021 Dodge Journey include: The styling of the Dodge Journey was ahead of its time, 10 years ago, now it’s starting to feel like a drag and the fact that they will be walking into 2021 with the same exterior design is a shame.

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