war thunder gb size

There are 21 reviews 21. War Thunder llegará a PS5 y Xbox Series X/S a mediados de noviembre con 4K y 60 fps 19:37 23/10/2020 | La actualización 'New Power' llevará War Thunder a la nueva generación de consolas con mejoras gráficas y nuevo contenido que se añadirá también a las versiones de PS4 y Xbox One. Can I Run War Thunder. More. War Thunder. Approximate size. System requirements Lab runs millions of … Age rating For ages 12 and over . I see that the WarThunder folder size is around 13.5 GB (update 1.63; November 8th, 2016), but the minimum disk space is 3 GB and the recommended is 11 GB. All Discussions ... Whats the total file size of warthunder ? Serpent90. War Thunder - British Starter Pack. War Thunder - 7500 (+2500 Bonus) Golden Eagles. Jan 20, 2017 @ 6:23am Vanilla it's just over 16 gb iirc. Age rating. < > Showing 1-10 of 10 comments . I have never gotten low video memory notifications, unless I used 1080p. Check the War Thunder system requirements. It can get a lot larger with mods/skins/additional missions. the initial download is actually something between 15-16gb. This means that the current folder space surpasses both … More. #1. 10.09 MB Close. Can I Run it? . War Thunder uses an average of 60 Kbps of data, which is equal to about 30 MB of data per hour. Rated 4 out of 5 stars. I havent played this game in 1 year,and i want to play it again,but War Thunder then had 8GB of Memory for the game,and it was pain to download it since i have slow internet connection.So,how much GB does this game have now? 4.1 5. £39.99. I have a question about files in the game folder. Real data use varies based on the number of players in your game, whether or not you use voice chat, the tickrate of the game server, and your client update rate. Strange, because before my family sold off our exact same model (i5, 640M 512mb, but 8gb ram instead of your 16gb), I could run war thunder on the 1.69 update just fine and on low settings 60fps (but not at 1080p, just slightly below resolution). Approximate size 10.09 MB . Test your specs and rate your gaming PC. also screenshots, game logs and some old (outdated) files will rise the size over time. ofc the size of the game folder will vary when people install additional skins, mods, custom missions, the CDK etc etc. War Thunder data use.

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